Paul is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in business development.  Previously he has sold education, training, consulting and technology. 

“Why do I do it? Working with entrepreneurs is great and I love to sell. Getting a good deal gives me a real buzz.”

Paul Essery, MEd MSc – 
Founder of My Sales Guru


Su is a successful entrepreneur with a separate business in the tourism sector.  She has a particular interest in using social media to reach out to customers. 

“My basic approach to work is to make the most of every day and to have as much fun as possible!”

Su Cheetham, Marketing Director of My Sales Guru  


Learning to sell better is the key to you recruiting more (and more profitable) clients. Why?  Because conventional marketing doesn’t really work if your business is based on providing complex knowledge and expertise to clients. 

Most marketing theory was developed in the 1960s and 70s and designed to promote products on television, so it’s mainly focused on how to communicate visually. If you’re marketing a flash new sports car or promoting an exotic holiday destination (think beautiful beaches) for example, it works fine.  Even the music we enjoy listening to, sells better if it’s accompanied by a video (Think MTV!)

Professional knowledge and expertise, especially your personal ability to solve a potential client’s particular problems, can be difficult to present in a visual way. If you’re trying to win over potential new clients, the best way to persuade them to buy a solution from you is by engaging them in a carefully structured sales conversation. 

Consider this:  If you have a good reputation for providing high quality knowledge and solid expertise, but you’re still not recruiting enough clients, it’s probably because your marketing isn’t working.  And you are not alone.  Lots of professional’s struggle to sell themselves effectively.     

If you want to get ahead of the competition you need to invest in learning how to sell effectively.  And just at the moment, learning how to sell online is pretty important too. Fortunately, our Sales Confident method is easy to learn, simple to use and effective.  It is, selling simplified.  Our method is based on recent research into how successful entrepreneurs approach the sales process.  It’s based on what works.  And it will work for you.



“We feel much more in control of the sales process”

"Having adopted the My Sales Guru  approach we feel much  more in control of the sales process. We are much better prepared and find it simple to follow. We have improved our conversion rate and not only that we have a much clearer and a far deeper understanding of our clients' needs. We happily recommend My Sales Guru to our clients"

Ian, CEO of The Academy Partnership 

“The whole team came away feeling energised and excited”

"I can thoroughly recommend Paul's training. The whole team here at 9-2-3, were engaged throughout the session, and came away feeling energised and excited by the ideas Paul introduced. He was also considerate of the size of our business, and our current training needs. In short, Paul demonstrates a thoughtful and intelligent approach to sales. We look forward to working with him again. "

Helen, CEO of 923jobs

“Our conversion rate has increased from 50% to 85%”

"Working with Paul has transformed our video production business. Since implementing his pricing structure, our conversion rate has increased from 50% to 85%. I would say that his advice has been the single most important factor contributing to the growth of the business over the last 5 years. Not only does he know his stuff, but he’s a great character to have around the office and lovely person to work with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough and my only regret is that I didn’t start working with him sooner!"

Grace, CEO of Bounce Video

“Paul's creative problem solving is nothing short of genius”

"Paul's help has had a profound effect on my business. The creativity and simplicity with which he solves problems is nothing short of genius. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I went from a tiny start up business to directing a team and having a queue of clients, and without Paul's help, advice and support I can confidently say I would not be experiencing the success I am today. Stop looking - you have found the guy to help you!"

Louisa, Creative Director & Founder of Ilona Design